Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rex Energy (REXX) - Utica Shale

November 8, 2011 - Rex Energy (REXX) recently gave some comments about It's Utica Shale Oil Field located in Ohio, specifically, Carroll County. It appears the Carroll County area in Ohio is the "sweet spot" of the Utica Oil Shale window.

"On Slide 14, we have our Utica Shale overview. To date, we have a total of approximately 85,300 gross, 58,700 net acres perspective in this area for the Utica Shale. Chesapeake Energy has recently disclosed well results for 4 wells in their Utica Shale program, 3 of which are in close proximity to our Carroll County, Ohio acreage position. Locations and production rates for these wells are shown on the graph. As more production rates are disclosed, we feel confident that our Butler County acreage will be in the dry gas window and that all of our acreage in Carroll County, Ohio will be at ground 0 for the liquids rich condensate window."