Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fast Money Recap 6-26-08 Carter Worth - GM, C, Coal

CNBC Fast Money Stock Picks to Watch 6/26/08

Joe Terranova: Opinions

Want to get long the dollar? Buy UUP
Nucor NUE: I think you can buy this stock here

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Markets: QID - If you think the markets are going buy this stock
ANR: I added to this today on the long side....continues to work
Nike NKE: I like NKE right here on the long side
COP: This stock is cheap....its trading way cheaper then a 12 P/E
L3 communications LLL: I think you can buy this

Guy Adami: Opinions

HAL: This stock is will continue to do well
General Motors GM: You didn't see capitulation will be a buy in the next 3-4 trading day...just not yet
General Motors GM: It's not going away, I can tell you that right now.....if it goes to low someone might step ( like Kirk Kikorian sp?)
Nike NKE: you might have actually seen capitulation on NKE today

Karen Finerman: Opinions

Citigroup C: I was early buying this stock I didn't have my buy list out today because of Oil prices going up...I want to wait longer
Merck MRK: Its on my radar to buy

Carter Worth, Chief Market Technician, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc
Thinks market is fragile and broken.....thinks we will test 1200 on S&P average

Pre Market Stock Daytrading Update 6-26-08

Citigroup might be writing down another 9 billion.....this has the Dow down 60 this morning combines with RIMM earnings that were not that good.

RIMM came in with .84 vs .85 last night. Nike NKE earnings were really bad as well.

A big mover today will be VNDA...$6 today in pre market up 20%

Phase III Data Show Vanda Pharmaceuticals' Tasimelteon (VEC-162) Significantly Improves Sleep in Patients with Chronic InsomniaStudy Meets Primary Endpoint, with Positive Effect Sustained Through Duration of 4-Week Study ROCKVILLE, Md., June 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq VNDA Vanda) today announced positive top-line results from a Phase III trial showing that its investigational drug candidate, tasimelteon (VEC-162), a novel melatonin agonist, met the primary endpoint of the trial and significantly improved sleep in adult patients with chronic insomnia.We are excited that the results of this Phase III chronic insomnia study demonstrate the clinical utility of tasimelteon and the ability of the compound to treat sleep disorders over a period of four weeks. The mechanism of action of tasimelteon as a circadian regulator gives Vanda the opportunity to explore its use for the treatment of circadian rhythm sleep disorders as well as chronic primary insomnia," stated Paolo Baroldi, MD, PhD, Vanda's Chief Medical Officer.
This Phase III, multi-center, placebo-controlled, 4-week trial evaluated 322 patients with chronic primary insomnia. Patients were randomized to receive either 20 mg or 50 mg of tasimelteon or placebo over the course of four weeks. The primary endpoint consisted of the evaluation of the immediate and short-term (average of Nights 1 and 8) ability of tasimelteon to improve sleep onset as measured by Latency to Persistent Sleep (LPS) through polysomnography (PSG). Secondary endpoints evaluated tasimelteon's ability to maintain improvements on sleep onset after long-term (average of Nights 22 and 29) use of the compound as well as measures of sleep duration (Total Sleep Time, TST) and sleep maintenance (Wake After Sleep Onset, WASO). Patients were eligible for the study if symptoms of insomnia were chronic and LPS was greater than 30 minutes.
Significant Improvement in Sleep Onset Sustained through Study Duration
These results demonstrate that tasimelteon was able to improve LPS significantly, and that this effect persisted for the 4 week duration of the study. The results on LPS at night 1 (N1)/night 8 (N8), and night 22 (N22)/night 29 (N29) are as follows.Mean LPS at baseline (before drug treatment) was 78.8 minutes in the 20mg group, 76.4 minutes in the 50mg group, and 78.2 minutes in the placebo group. On Nights 1 and 8 of treatment, mean LPS improved by 45.0 minutes in the 20mg group (p<.001), by 46.4 minutes in the 50mg group (p<.001), and by 28.3 minutes in the placebo group. On Nights 22 and 29 of treatment, mean LPS improved by 49.4 minutes in the 20mg group (p<.001), by 45.1 minutes in the 50mg group (p=.016), and by 33.9 minutes in the placebo group. All statistical comparisons are between tasimelteon dose versus placebo.
Importantly, this effect was also seen acutely on the first night of treatment. Patients in the 20mg and 50mg groups fell asleep 22.9 minutes (p<.001) and 25.9 minutes (p<.001) faster, respectively, than those in the
placebo group, as measured objectively through PSG. Data from subjective patient self-reports on these nights were consistent with this finding

Thursday, June 19, 2008

CNBC Fast Money 6-19-08 Recap

Fast Money Stock Picks to Watch 6/19/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

USO: Buy it, set a stop at $99

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Regional Banks: These are going lower...put activity says was just short covering
SandRidge SD: When this stock fell today...someone bought Sept 80 calls, 30,000 of them....keep an eye on this stock

Guy Adami: Opinions

Oil: I think its going lower by $10-15...the China news could have put a top in
Juniper JNPR: I think you can own this stock

Joe Terranova: Opinions

S&P Support: 1320-1327

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Mexco Energy MXC on CNBC Today

Mexco Energy MXC on CNBC today

CNBC has been reporting on Wildcatters of Texas.....Wildcatters research and drill for oil in parts of America...usually in the south.

Mexco Energy is one of these companies- Ticker symbol MXC

Guess what? MXC is Top Stock Largest Gainer for 2008 up over 1000%

Turns out, they are drilling this one well in Texas and are down to 13,000 feet....they think the oil is around 13,900 feet so they are soon there. Keep an eye on this company!

Also, keep an eyes on different Oil and Gas finds

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CNBC Fast Money Recap 6-18-08 USO

Top 2008 Stock Gainers click here

Fast Money Stock Picks to Watch 6/18/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

HMO Stocks: Don't fight the tape...UNH
Railroad Stocks: Floods are going away the rails because of coal shipments
USO: Buy it, set a stop at $100

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Morgan Stanley MS: Bought the Financials today....
Regional Financial RF: Options Activity says more downside
Burlington Northern BNI: Great opportunity to buy this and the rail stocks...the flooding will go away
MYGN: Keep an eye on this....they continue to buy the july calls
Coal EFT KOL: I don't think this coal story is over....I think it can go higher

Guy Adami: Opinions

Morgan Stanley MS: Look for another 10-15% bottomed. Stop $37.50
Fed Ex FDX: You could easily see this go to $87-88 in the short term
XTO Energy XTO: I still think it goes higher
Deere DE: I think this stock can go a lot higher
Agrium AG: Given fertilizer prices I think this stock can go higher

Joe Terranova: Opinions

XLF: I bought this today.....I think you can start to buy financials
Oil: Friday is options expiration...look for it to go to $140

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fast Money Recap stock picks 6-17-08 CNBC Visa V MON AMZN

Top 2008 Stock Gainers -
Haynesville Shale Stocks -

Fast Money Stock Picks to Watch 6/17/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Financials: Going lower...the rally is over...MS reports tomorrow, that will be hideous
USO: Stick with what is working....USO is working

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Regions Financial RF: Put activity was strong today...looking for more downside
Morgan Stanley MS: Very active put options
Visa V MasterCard MA: You want to play financials, buy these....I like Visa
CAT: This stock is to cheap
FSLR: Buying the dip....FSLR doesn't sell in the USA so it shouldn't have gone down on the vote
Elan Corp ELN: Keep an eye on this well as MYGN

Guy Adami: Opinions

Goldman Sachs GS: Goldman had a monster run but we told you to take profits
Morgan Stanley MS: I might be out of my mind, but I think its a buy
Monsanto MON: The upside isn't done yet

Joe Terranova: Opinions

Housing starts: Was bad today
Oil: If Oil doesn't go down after June 22nd meeting, how can it
Natural Gas: The trade continues to be buy natural gas
Nymex NMX: I want to own NMX and NYX....they are the new casino stocks....volumes are good AMZN: I like AMZN....
Goldman Sachs thinks it can go to $98
Monsanto MON: Broke through $ comes $150
Dryships DRYS: I call it a recovery rebound...don't read to much into it

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6.17.08 Stock Market Day Trading Update

This morning the market is up on Goldman Sachs GS earnings.....$4.58 per share vs $3.42

CSIQ and DRYS Dry Ships are moving up in pre market.

Two guests on CNBC have just talked about the recent Drys dip was a big buying opportunity. They think it has substantial upside from here.

JRCC and PCX are tearing up my Top 2008 Stocks your research on them!

Discover Oil and Gas companies on the move with key drilling finds

Goldman Sachs ( GS ) 2nd Quarter 2008 Earnings - GS Earnings

Goldman Sachs 2nd Quarter Earnings 2008

Expected = $3.42 per share
Actual = $4.58

Revenues for the quarter were = 9.42 Billion
Stock is trading at $185 right after earnings

For a full earnings calendar visit my front page
Detailed list of the biggest stock gainers in 2008
Invest in leading gas and oil exploration companies

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fast Money Recap 6.16.08 ENER CHK

Top 2008 Stocks -
Oil and Gas Finds:

Fast Money Stocks 6/16/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Oil: Get short on a gap lower with heavy volume

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Financials: Finally started to act better....Technology was Strong
CHK: CEO Bought 200,000 more shares on Friday
RMBS: November $20 calls very active.....keep an eye on RMBS
ENER: Buy on the dips...they are pricing a secondary next on the dip, 20% short interest

Guy Adami: Opinions

Lehman LEH: The easy trade is over....wouldn't short it but wouldn't pile in either
RIMM: A little ahead of itself
AAPL: Think you can $200 by July 4th.
US Steel X: I wouldn't be running into steel here but I like X at $160 area
DUG: I'd give this stock a shot
WFR: I think it can go to $70 soon

Joe Terranova: Opinions what I saw in Oil fell apart. Natural Gas remains strong....this is the way to play energy right now.
AAPL: Buy Apple, stop out at $165

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Drys DryShips Investor Day 6-16-08

Drys Dryships will be holding a Investor Day Conference on 6/16/08

I'm sure they will be discussing the recent Bulk Shipping rate drop among other things

Fast Money Recap CNBC 6-13-08

Fast Money Stocks 6/13/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Google GOOG: They are winning in this MSFT, YHOO battle

Pete Najarian: Opinions

FITB: This is where the action was today...heavy put buying...keep your eye on it
Apple AAPL: His health is the reason the stock is going down
Patriot Coal PCX: I love this stock but I can't buy it up here
Goldman Sachs GS: I have no idea what to expect out of earnings.....

Guy Adami: Opinions

Lehman LEH: Worst is not over....but the long trade could be for the short term
Google GOOG: Stop out at $540....I think it could run into $600's
Apple AAPL: I am a buyer of this dip
Goldman Sachs GS: Earnings: Sell the pop, or buy the dip

Karen Finerman: Opinions

Goldman Sachs GS: I have no idea what to expect out of earnings.....but i am long

Tim Seymour :Opinions

Thinks the Dollar is going higherDUG: This is how you short Oil

John Najarian: Opinions

Garmin GRMN: We like this stock because Best Buy has been selling a lot of these GPS devices.....the stock has been beaten down ..we have a long position in Garmin.

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CNBC Fast Money Recap 6/12/08

Latest Show:

Fast Money Stocks 6/12/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Apple AAPL: If Steve Job would would be very bad for the stock
CPI number tomorrow: CPI is going to be hot, confidence is going to be weak

Pete Najarian: Opinions

FTO: Calls very active
BYD: Alot of Call Buying

Guy Adami: Opinions

Yahoo YHOO: Now you could actually buy looks interesting around $22
Lehman LEH: Get long Lehman...stop out $20.25.....upside $26-$27

Karen Finerman: Opinions

Apple AAPL: Speculation on Steve Jobs weighed on AAPL stock today
Coal stocks are overvalued right now

Mike Darda: Opinons

The market is pricing in a series of rate hikes

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Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Field

For the full here

The Haynesville Shale Play Discovery Project is based on shale as the subsurface source of natural gas which is located in Louisiana.

The shale is a rock formation composed of clay-sized particles deposited and buried in the north Louisiana geological area more than 170 million years ago during the Jurassic time.
This area has been one hot play for Natural Gas Companies as this shale could contain a lot of Natural Gas.
Many companies started buying acres of land in and around this area two years ago in hopes to strike it big. Petrohawk was already drilling a gas deposit known as Cotton Valley, a separate deposit that runs roughly 3,000 feet above parts of Haynesville’s deposits, when it became aware of Haynesville in 2006.They must use special technology to access this project as it is below 10,000 feet.

May CPI Inflation number 2008

May CPI .6%

For a full Economic Calendar, go to

This inflation data is a little high this morning but when the market sentiment is this low, anything close sparks a big rally. I think today will be a very strong day.People were fearing a higher number and they didn't get this turns out to be good news for the markets!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fast Money Recap 6/11 wind stocks CNBC

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Fast Money Stocks 6/11/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

BUD: Going to have a hard time saying no to this deal by Inbev
Molson Coors TAP: Like this stock for the long term
Casion Stocks: Bearish on these stocks even after the beating they've taken

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Financials: Financials are broken right now, no need to be the first one in....wait for them to turn up.
Boston Beer SAM: I think you can own this stock right now
AAPL, DELL, MSFT: Opportunity to buy with the late day sell off
DHI, HON, AKS Options: Very active call buying today
Whole Foods WFMI: 4-1 put to call ratio......bearish for WFMI
Wind Stocks I like: AMSC and FPL on pullbacks

Guy Adami: Opinions

Goldman Sachs GS: Best of Breed Financials
Natural Gas Stocks XTO, APA: This is where you want to are insulated whether Oil goes up or down
Las Vegas Sands LVS: If it gets down to $49.50 it starts to look interesting
CSX: I think you can buy this stock at $59

Karen Finerman: Opinions

Whole Foods WFMI: No where near attractive on valuation yet
HOV: Stay away from this much debt

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Garmin Nuvifone is coming!!

The Garmin Nuvifone is coming!

Garmin plans to leap into the mobile phone market during the third quarter of 2008with the expected release of the Nuvifone. This deivce is one of a kind because it offers a smartphone combined with turn by turn navigation. I strongly believe this phone will be a big holiday hit come Christmas time.
While Garmin has remained silent on the cost, they have offered some specifics regarding this product.

- Full GSM HSDPA Mobile Phone
- Turn by Turn Voice Prompted Navigation with Preloaded Maps
- Web Surfing
- Built in Video Camera
- 100% Touch Screen - 3.5 inch
- Google Local Search
- MP3 and MPEG4/AAC video player
- Garmin Online Services - Real Time Traffic, Weather, Fuel Prices
- Nuvi-like Navigation on the road or Pedestrian Mode
- “Where am I?” feature lets users touch the screen at any time to display the exact latitude and longitude coordinates, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and gas stations. The nüvifone also helps drivers find their car in an unfamiliar spot or crowded parking lot by automatically marking the position in which it was last removed from the vehicle mount.

I think the coolest feature of the Nuvifone is the ablity to be talking to someone on the phonewhile driving and still get turn by turn directions all in one device. As soon as the useris finshied driving, he or she can then undock the phone from the vehicle mount and never misstalking moment!

Don't overlook the Google local Search feature either. This is a first of its kind! Nüvifone users can search for locations like “movie theaters” and Google will sort the results based on the user’s current location and relevance.Information provided by Google includes a web-based rating so that users can select the most appropriate destination and route directly to it.

While Garmin's stock price has taken a huge hit this year, trading just above $45 today, I think investors are actually pricing in a failure of the Nuvifone. If this product can just take a small piece of the smart phone market, I think it will be a huge benifit for shares of this company for years to come.

CNBC Fast Money Recap June 10th 6/10 AAPL WB

CNBC Fast Money Recap 6/10/08
For the lastest show --->

Fast Money Stocks 6/10/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions
Lehman LEH: Broke support on the second day of offering it
Apple AAPL: Got alot of upgrades today
Goldman Sachs GS: Still waiting for GS in the $150's to buy

Tim Seymour: Opinions

Asian Markets: If these markets start to roll over look out....we need them
Monsanto MON: This company is in good shape! Still love the Ag sector

Guy Adami: Opinions
Dollar USD: Has reversed and I think it will continue to go up!
MRK: MRK trade now off...have to wait for another big volume day
Apple AAPL: Thinks you could see $200 by late June, Early July....thinks there is still upside in this stock ( said 10%)
Wachovia WB: Keep a stop at $18 but I think you can buy it here
XTO Energy XTO: It's been a monster stock....wait for a pullback...still like the stock
Alcoa AA: I love AA still!
Monsanto MON: It's been a monster stock, I think it continues to be a monster stock

Karen Finerman: Opinions
Coal: Coal valuations are very high and they are starting to roll over

Joe Terranvoa: Guest
I'm out of the refiners.....I'm expecting gasoline to be under pressure after the inventory number tomorrow. My concerned on what comes out of Russia regarding Oil supply. Longer term Oil will move higher and the window of opportunity for a pullback is closing day by day. If we don't get out of this week with a pullback in Oil....most likely it will move higher

Tony Crescenzi: Guest
Tony thinks a 500 point rally in the Dow is coming

Apple AAPL Steve Jobs Weight

Pre Market Update - Wednesday June 11th Steve Jobs AAPL, LEH

This morning stock futures are pointed up nicely.
Potash ( POT ) looks like it will open pre market at around $225...or up 2%. The Ag sector has been very hot lately and all signs point to a continuation.

Notable movers in pre market are AGU and PPCO

Steve Jobs Weight Problems:
Apple Inc is coming out and saying Steve Jobs had a bug and that is why he lost weight but he is fine. If you notice his appearance at the Apple Conference where they released the iphone 2, he looks very gaunt and thin. So at this point, we have to take the company at their word.
Obviously he is VERY important to the company

Lehman Brothers LEH.....might be getting financing from some companies in Korea.

Monday, June 9, 2008

CNBC Fast Money Recap 6/09/08 New Apple Iphone - Gene Munster on Apple AAPL

Lastest CNBC Fast Money Recap

Fast Money Stocks 6/09/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions
The Markets: It wasn't a good day despite the headlines
McDonald's MCD: Still likes this stock....action today was incredible

Tim Seymour: Opinions

TIE: Love this stock storyBoeing BA: Thinks you have to own it here
Honeywell HON: Likes the stock
SQM: Chile's Potash Stock

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Apple AAPL: I've owned it since $124, I still like it...I don't like the touchscreen
OIH: Sector consolidation is going to send the OIH higher
Ag Stocks: Prices continue to soar will the stocks
TIE: It's at the level where you can buy it
AMLN: Probably sold to much
VMware VMW: Had a great run but opportunity for insiders to sell
Gamestop GME: Someone bought 16,000 of $50 calls that expire in 2 weeks.

Karen Finerman: Opinions

Apple AAPL: Nothing much changed for me as an investor today
Solar Sector: Still expensive, SPWR, SOLF, FSLR

Gene Munster: Guest

Apple AnalystApple AAPL: Big news with the new iphone....September quarter will be huge....the low price point will be huge for units sold.....people have been waiting for a smaller price point. Triple iphone sales by September. Success of the iphone is going to propel mac sales.

John Najarian : Guest

Lehman Brothers LEH: Thinks there is bottom in Lehman based on option activitySimply no longer bearishnessNokia NOK: People are expecting good things out of Nokia in a hurry based on options activity.

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6/06/08 CNBC Fast Money Recap June 6th 2008

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Fast Money Stocks 6/06/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Oil: It's a bubble....but people go out of business with Oil at $150
Oil $150 by July 4th? Yes, there and higher

Guy Adami: Opinions

Stay with what has been working, Natural Gas stocks, Coal stocks, Rail Stocks
Buy airlines on a dip
Intel INTC: INTC around $23 is interesting
CELG: I like Celgene here

Pete Najarian: Opinions
Stay away from financials, you don't need to be the first one in.
Stick with what has been working.....Technology is not broken
Buy rail stocks, they have pricing power
CSCO: Likes the dip as well as AAPL
AMLN, ISIS: Keep an eye on these biotechs
Oil $150 by July 4th? Yes
AAPL: I love what they are doing...expecting alot from Apple with the new Iphone
T: Like the pullback today!
Energy Conversion Devices ENER: Getting long this stock

Karen Finerman: Opinions
PPH: Bought some of this today...its defensive
Big Lots BIG: Lots of insider selling.....we are short

Joe Terranova: Guest
Oil: It's a different game now....oil going up so much so fastI see more crazy volatile trading in Oil and thats bad for the equity markets

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6/05/06 CNBC Fast Money Recap

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Fast Money Stocks 6/05/08
Lehman Brothers LEH might preannounce earnings next week

Jeff Mackie: Opinions
Airlines finally have an excuse to fix their models....a slight buyer of airlines
Does not like the auto sector right now

Guy Adami: Opinions
Lehman LEH: The bottom may be in...but I think there is one more woosh ( down day )Wachovia WB: You can buy WB when they cut their dividend
Western Digital WDC: This you can buy this stock
AT&T: Thinks you can still own it here
NSM: Still cheaper here but Intel is a better buy
Gold: I don't like gold for the rest of the year

Pete Najarian: Opinions
Hewlett Packard HPQ: July 50 Calls active......should continue to go higher
Nasdaq Market NDAQ: Seems very cheap here

Karen Finerman: Opinions
Lehman Brothers LEH: I kinda of think a bottom is in.....a lot of money out there for new capital
If they do get new capital you might see the stock go up because if this

Mike Darda MKM Partners: Guest
Looking for +20k jobs tomorrow. He thinks this will drive the stock market up

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