Friday, May 16, 2008

Visa V MasterCard MA Stock ENER

Both Visa V and MasterCard MA have been on a tear lately. I've expected a pullback lately but have not seen much of one lately. Visa still holding that $81 level but the new support is $82.

You can see this clearly on my chart below

Visa clearly still has buyers as volume starts to die down a bit. Mastercard is the best out of these two stocks though. Both stand to benefit from the stimulous package coming our way this summer.

I would get long Mastercard and Visa on any big pullback. I would also take a hard look at Potash ( POT ) and Energy Conversion Devices ( ENER ). Don't forget Garmin ( GRMN ) either!

PDO still stands as the hottest stock this year so far by a mile. After todays close its up over 400% easily.