Friday, May 30, 2008

CNBC Fast Money Recap 5/29 5/29/08 Dell - Visa

Fast Money Stocks 5/28/08
Jeff Mackie: Opinions
Thinks Oil is Topping
Buy Oil when its down $5-$6 in a day
Likes Merck here
Mackie owns Microsft MSFT
TRMP.....not buying it

Guy Adami: Opinions
Possible Oil Top
Dell is running the business better....big run, don't pile in...take profits
Likes Intel at $21-$22 ....likes it long term
Mastercard......big not buy...easy money is over
Thinks you might have seen the bottom in Financials
Joy Global JOYG numbers were on any pullback along with BUCY
Merck is buy and stop out below $36.50
Buy Microsoft because its cheap

Pete Najarian: Opinions
Oil Didn't break down yet but pulled back...below $120 is a breakdown
Sell Dell into this rally
Google impressive click numbers
Visa is still a BUY....
Norfolk stock
Still loves the coal stocks....JOYG, BTU, BUCY
Boston Scientific is a Buy
CHK CEO bought 600,000 shares.....Najarian likes this alot!

Karen Finerman: Opinions

Likes the Financials right now ..... Although shes not sure where the bottom is.
Big Lots BIG.....shorted today....not buying the run up at all
Likes C - Citigroup

Joe Terranova Guest: Opinions

Thinks Oil could test $120 Support
$120 Break in Oil could spark massive selling

John Najarian: Opinions

Likes DRI Darden, Kelloggs, Starbucks SBUX...they are hedged for inflation

Jim Cramer Mad Money 5/28/08Jim says he likes: Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW)