Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin VP for McCain? - Palin Approved Alaska Pipeline

The rumors are flying this morning on the Vice President candidate for John McCain. There is a strong buzz out there that Sarah Palin was picked for VP.

Sarah Palin looks like an excellent choice for him. She is the Alaska Governor who is very hard working and is in strong favor of drilling for Oil & Gas in ANWAR and the Green River Basin.

Sarah Palin approved TransCanada corps 27 billion dollar pipeline which will transport natural gas from the North Slope Alaska to the USA.

Palin on Aug. 27 signed a bill authorizing the state to award Calgary-based TransCanada a license to build the 1,715- mile (2,744-kilometer) link from Prudhoe Bay to the Alberta Hub in Canada, according to a statement. The license will be granted in 90 days.