Monday, August 25, 2008

XTO Energy: Freestone County, Texas Drilling Report

XTO is set to drill in Freestone County, TX Texas.

XTO Energy will drill five wells. Teague (Cotton Valley-Bossier Consolidated) Field will see Irvin GU Well 13 and Dunlap GU 2 Well 10 drilled to 13,200 feet. Dunlap GU 2 Well 5 will be drilled to 13,300 feet. No. 13 will be in Jessup I Survey A-335, 2.9 miles east of Teague. No. 10 will be in Cabler FP Survey A-114, 2.2 miles southwest of Fairfield. No. 5 will be in same, 2.7 miles southwest of Fairfield. Freestone (Cotton Valley-Bossier Consolidated) Field will be site of J.A. Gilliam II Gas Unit Well No. 23 and Fails Gas Unit Well No. 22. No. 23 will hit 13,400 feet in Chavert JL Survey A-10, seven miles southwest of Teague. No. 22 will hit 13,500 feet in Rowe AW Survey A-885, 5.9 miles southwest of Teague.

Teague (Cotton Valley- Bossier Consolidated) Field will see Henderson Gas Unit Well 30 drilled by XTO Energy five miles southeast of Teague at 12,900 feet. It will be in Lawrence J Survey A-364.
XTO will drill Tony Miller GU 1 Well 1 to 11,300 feet in a Wildcat 4.3 miles northeast of Wortham in Sweet SA Survey A-37.