Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bone Spring - Wolfberry - Spraberry Oil Fields - Permian Basin

By Tim -

Recently, I've been asked to blog about the recent activity going on in the Permian Basin right now located in West Texas. The Permian Basin is the hot spot right now as was the Eagle Ford Shale over the past year. While we are seeing the majority of the rigs continue to flock to the Eagle Ford Shale, there is a huge jump in rigs and drilling activity in the Permian Basin.

The Permian Basin consists on a combination of Oil fields which also contain Natural Gas. On the east side, we have the Spraberry Field as the top zone, the Dean Formation as the middle layer, and the Wolfcamp Shale as the bottom zone. When the oil producers drill into all of these formations, they are calling it the Wolfberry.

On the west side, we are talking about the top layer being the Avalon Shale ( also known as Leonard Shale ) with it mixing into the top layer of the Bone Spring which is made up of three zones. After the bone spring formation, we have the wolfcamp shale again. This area is located in West Texas and extends up into New Mexico. Lea County New Mexico and Eddy County New Mexico are the hot spots.

The Spraberry is seeing acreage go for $15,000+ per acre in some spots regarding mineral rights leasing. All of these zones are hot hot hot and producing a lot of oil.

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