Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ellis County, TX: Barnett Shale Update

By Andrea:

Range Resources Corp. (RRC) recently released an update on the Barnett Shale In Ellis, TX, they have begun completion operations on 2 wells in Ellis County:

During the third quarter, the Southwestern Division continued its successful drilling program. In the Barnett Shale formation, Range initiated sales on three wells in Denton County at a combined average rate of 15.0 (11.3 net) Mmcfe per day, comprised of 8.1 (6.1 net) Mmcf per day and 1,156 (868 net) barrels of NGLs and oil per day. In addition, we began completion operations on five wells in Tarrant County and two wells in Ellis County with production scheduled to begin early in the fourth quarter of 2010. In West Texas at the Conger Field, the division deepened three wells to the Strawn formation and recompleted another well into the Wolfcamp formation. The three Strawn deepenings yielded a combined daily average rate of 551 (468 net) Boe per day, comprised of 437 (372 net) per day barrels of oil and NGLs and 685 (582 net) mcf per day. The Wolfcamp recompletion added 594 (505 net) Boe per day, comprised of 552 (469 net) barrels of oil and NGLs and 255 (217 net) mcf per day.

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