Friday, June 6, 2008

6/05/06 CNBC Fast Money Recap

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Fast Money Stocks 6/05/08
Lehman Brothers LEH might preannounce earnings next week

Jeff Mackie: Opinions
Airlines finally have an excuse to fix their models....a slight buyer of airlines
Does not like the auto sector right now

Guy Adami: Opinions
Lehman LEH: The bottom may be in...but I think there is one more woosh ( down day )Wachovia WB: You can buy WB when they cut their dividend
Western Digital WDC: This you can buy this stock
AT&T: Thinks you can still own it here
NSM: Still cheaper here but Intel is a better buy
Gold: I don't like gold for the rest of the year

Pete Najarian: Opinions
Hewlett Packard HPQ: July 50 Calls active......should continue to go higher
Nasdaq Market NDAQ: Seems very cheap here

Karen Finerman: Opinions
Lehman Brothers LEH: I kinda of think a bottom is in.....a lot of money out there for new capital
If they do get new capital you might see the stock go up because if this

Mike Darda MKM Partners: Guest
Looking for +20k jobs tomorrow. He thinks this will drive the stock market up

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