Friday, December 24, 2010

Avoyelles Parish, LA: Austin Chalk Formation Update

By Andrea:

Pryme Oil and Gas Limited released an operational update announcing the delay of acidizing of Deshotels 20-H No. 1 well located in the Austin Chalk Formation of Avoyelles Parish, LA.

As a result of a pre-Christmas increase in the demand for oil field services, the contractor which has been engaged to acidize the perforated intervals in the horizontal leg of the Deshotels 20-H No.1 has been unable to attend to the job as scheduled. It is now expected that the acidizing will be carried out after Christmas. Flow testing of the well will follow the acidizing.

As discussed in previous announcements, it is expected that the Deshotels 20-H No.1 well will primarily produce oil. However, it is also expected that commercial quantities of natural gas will be produced. Trenching and laying of the flow line from the well to the natural gas sales line, a distance of approximately 4 miles, is underway.

Pryme has a 40% working interest (30% net revenue interest (NRI)) in this well.

The Deshotels 20-H No.1 well, in Pryme's Turner Bayou Chalk project in the North Bayou Jack Field, is the first deep well to be drilled within the Turner Bayou 3D seismic survey. The well has been drilled to a depth of 16,400 feet (5,000 metres) vertically with a 3,755 feet (1,144 metre) horizontal leg through the Austin Chalk formation which is predominantly oil bearing in this region. The well location was confirmed using high resolution 3D seismic data from a survey carried out in 2007 and data from surrounding well bores.

Turner Bayou is one of Pryme's high value projects. It is located in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. Pryme has a 40% interest in the Turner Bayou Chalk project area, which is contained within the Turner Bayou 3D seismic survey, and a 52% interest in the balance of Turner Bayou. The Turner Bayou project comprises approximately 80 square miles (50,000 acres) which have been imaged by a proprietary 3D seismic survey. Primary targets are contained within six prospective formations ranging in depth from the Frio formation at 3,000 feet, to the Tuscaloosa formation at 18,000 feet.

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