Friday, December 24, 2010

Colorado County, TX: Austin Chalk Update

By Andrea:

Burleson Energy Limited (BUR) recently announced that they will complete the D.Truchard #1 well for production following electric logging. D.Truchard #1 is an appraisal well part of the Austin Chalk formation located in the Heintschel field in Colorado County, Texas. Evaluation of the well is continuing, however, the early logs indicated that hydrocarbons are present in over 300 feet (~90 metres) of the target Prairie Bell Wilcox sands and that there are several zones of interest above and below the Prairie Bell.

Further evaluation is required to confirm the early results but based on the initial log interpretation there are no gas/water contacts evident throughout the major reservoir sand package. Also, analysis suggests that the sands encountered in D.Truchard #1 are at a higher stratigraphic level than the Heintschel #1 well and also structurally higher than the pre drill prognosis. These are all positive indications for the performance of the well.

The D.Truchard #1 well is located ~3km from the Heintschel # 1 gas condensate discovery made earlier in 2010. D.Truchard #1was drilled to a total depth of 12,000 feet (3658m) and gas shows were recorded while drilling the lower part of the hole.

Evaluation of the well continues, following which it will be cased and cemented and will then await completion, fracture stimulation (fraccing) and flow testing.

Fraccing contractors have been booked for the last week in January to complete the
fraccing of both this well and the upcoming Heintschel #2 well.

After production casing has been set, the drilling rig will move directly from the D.Truchard #1 drilling location to the Heintschel #2 drill site. The Heintschel #2 well is the second well in the program and has been designed as an immediate offset well to Heintschel #1.

Burleson Energy Managing Director, Michael Sandy said “While it is still early days the initial results for D.Truchard #1 are very encouraging”.

”The pre drill plan for the well had dual aims, firstly to appraise the overall Heintschel structure as a step towards confirming mid to high case gas and condensate volumes (see our latest presentation), and secondly to provide another source of additional production and cash flow for BUR and partners. Currently the Brasher #1 and Heintschel #1 wells are on production and the Joann #1 well is to be brought on production in the near future.

“A successful flow test following fraccing in late January will indicate that these aims have been achieved.

“The rig will now be moved to drill Heintschel #2 which also has dual aims – to be in a position to be able book proven and probable reserves for the area of the two Heintschel wells, and to provide yet another source of production and cash flow for Burleson Energy.”

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