Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leed County and Fayette County: Eagle Ford Shale Update

By Andrea: http://oilshalegas.com

Evolution Petroleum Corp. (EPM) recently released an operational update on the Eagle Ford Shale, located in Leed and Fayette Counties. In response to a question inquiring about their involvement of the Eagle Ford to the Austin Chalk formation, CEO, Bob Herlin states:

"Eagle Ford is being tested by a variety of operators and what we preferred to be the stop list portion in the Giddings Field. Now with the – that we've heard activity up into Fayette County, where I know there’s some things going on the Leed County. There has been some test I believe further to northeast. I don't think industry is quite yet cracked the code on making Eagle Ford work that far to northeast.

Obviously, we hold a lot of acreage in the Giddings Field that is held by production or will be held by production, that's not on under current primary term or through expansions. Are there people lined up in my door warning to form out our Eagle Ford, right? No. But we – I can't say it will or it won’t down the road."

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