Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Devon Energy (DVN) - Permian Basin Update

By Tim -

Devon Energy (DVN) is currently drilling for oil in the Permian Basin, Midland Basin, and the Bone Spring Shale play. Devon Energy (DVN) is one of the leaders in the Bone Spring Formation.

In the Permian Basin, Devon increased oil and natural gas liquids production 22 percent compared to the fourth-quarter 2010. Liquids production accounted for nearly 75 percent of the 53,000 equivalent barrels per day produced in the Permian Basin during the quarter.

The company completed eight operated Bone Spring wells within the Permian Basin in the fourth quarter. Initial daily production from the eight wells averaged more than 600 Boe per day per well.

From the recent conference call - February 2012

Mark Gilman - The Benchmark Company, LLC, Research Division

Okay. My follow-up, Dave, relates primarily to the Bone Springs in the Permian, an area where, in the recent past, results have been pretty good. I wonder if you could update us. I didn't hear you specifically mention Bone Springs activity in your review of the quarter.

David A. Hager

Well, we've had a number of good Bone Springs wells in the quarter. I think we highlighted, actually, in the earnings release that we had a number of good Bone Springs wells on the order of around 600 barrels a day or so that we achieved out there. I think we had 8 wells average more than 600 barrels per day, 8 operated wells in the fourth quarter that achieved more than 600 barrels a day so we're seeing very good results out there. We see a good inventory of opportunities sitting out there. We estimate we probably have 350 to 400 locations remaining in the Bone Springs just on our existing inventory and will probably drill somewhere around 80 this year. So again, you can see 4- to 5-year inventory of Bone Springs opportunities.