Monday, February 20, 2012

Spraberry Oil Field in West Texas - Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD)

By Tim -

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) - Spraberry Oil Field in West Texas

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) recently gave comments about the Spraberry Oil Field located in West Texas. It seems as though they are seeing a lot of oil recovery from their wells.

“In the Spraberry oil field in West Texas, Pioneer is currently operating 44 rigs, of which 41 are drilling vertical wells (including 15 Company-owned rigs) and three are drilling horizontal wells. The Company drilled 690 wells in 2011 and placed 640 wells on production. The Company has continued to expand its integrated services to control drilling costs and support the execution of its drilling program. Five Company-owned fracture stimulation fleets totaling 100,000 horsepower are currently operating in the Spraberry field supporting vertical drilling operations. An additional 10,000 horsepower will be added to these five fleets by mid-year. Two additional fleets totaling 60,000 horsepower will be added by mid-year 2012 to support Pioneer’s horizontal drilling program in the Wolfcamp Shale. The Company also owns other oil field service equipment, including pulling units, fracture stimulation tanks, water transport trucks, hot oilers, blowout preventers, construction equipment and fishing tools. In addition, the Company has contracted for tubular and pumping unit requirements through 2012 and well cementing services through 2016.”