Monday, February 20, 2012

Cana-Woodford Shale - Devon Energy (DVN)

By Tim -

Devon Energy (DVN) provides a drilling update for the Cana-Woodford Shale located on Oklahoma.

Moving now to the Cana-Woodford Shale in Western Oklahoma. Our Cana gas plant was back fully operational in December, following repairs of the damage incurred last May from a tornado. This helped us achieve our target exit rate for the Cana of 275 million cubic feet equivalent per day. Fourth quarter net production increased 83% over the year-ago quarter to a record 250 million cubic feet of gas equivalent per day, including 3,100 barrels of oil and 7,400 barrels of natural gas liquids per day. This significant liquids contribution, combined with our low acreage and royalty costs, enable us to generate strong full-cycle returns in the current commodity price environment.

In 2012, we plan to invest some $870 million of capital and drill nearly 200 wells in Cana. Our Cana activity will be focused in the oil and natural gas liquids-rich portion of the core area. Liquids should represent almost 40% of the production stream generated by the 2012 capital program. Cana oil and liquids production is expected to grow over 85% to an average of 16,000 barrels per day in 2012.

From a reserves performance perspective, Cana was a leading growth area for the company in 2011. Extensions, discoveries and performance revisions at Cana accounted for 160 million barrels of oil equivalent of additions. At year end, we had 328 million equivalent barrels booked in the Cana-Woodford. With almost 2 billion barrels equivalent of risked resource potential and more than 5,000 risked locations remaining, we expect Cana to deliver many more years of highly economic production and reserves growth.