Monday, July 21, 2008

Haynesville Shale Stocks Reversing HK, CHK, GDP, XTO

Last week their was a huge build in natural gas inventories.....up 16-20% then expected.

All of the Natural Gas stocks got hammered off of this news. Today they opened up weaker but now have reversed and seem to be wanting to break out.

Watch these Haynes Shale Stocks

PetroHawk Energy HK - Capitulated in the $36 area last reversing above $39 this morning.

Goodrich Petroleum GDP - Still continues to go down.....from $75 down to $57 in a week. GDP is bouncing off the lows this morning and is currently trading at $58.50

XTO Energy XTO - This stock has gotten hammered for being one of the bigger natural gas stocks. After hitting $53 Thursday....XTO has reversed back to $56. XTO is involved in alot of shales including the Bakken Shale of North Dakota, Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, and the Barnett Shale in Texas

Chesapeake Energy CHK - Chesapeake Energy has been smashed all the way down to $52 on Thursday....even after this company Announced that they will be selling their Woodford Shale acres for Beyond Petroleum ( BP ). CHK has been bouncing this morning above $55.

If you have been waiting for a dip in these stocks for awhile is your chance to invest in specifically the Haynesville Shale or many other shale plays by buying XTO or CHK