Friday, July 11, 2008

Horn River Shale bigger then Haynesville Shale & Barnett?

Is the Horn River Basin Shale in B.C, Canada bigger then the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana & the Barnett Shale in Texas?

The Horn River Shale located in the North East section of British Columbia, Canada is the newest and possibly the biggest shale play in North America to hit the stage. Not to many people know about this shale as they do about many of the other American Shales.

Geologists estimate the Horn River Shale could hold 250 trillion cubic feet of Natural Gas reserves. Only 10-20% would be recoverable leaving this shale play with the potential to hold 25-50 TCF's of natural gas.

Recently Wood Mackenzie, a research firm, also back up the figure above.

For more on the Horn River Gas Shale and companies involved in drilling operations.....go to this site.