Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Continental Resources ( CLR ) Bakken Shale - Earnings

This morning Continental Resources ( CLR ) has released earnings. CLR reported net income of 124 million or .75 cents per share for the 2nd quarter of 2008. In last years 2nd quarter, Continental Resources reported 44 million in net income - .27 cents per share on a pro forma basis. Now you can see why CLR is one of the Top 2008 Stock Gainers. Total revenues were 303.4 million vs 145.3 Million a year ago.

The Company's average sales price per barrel of crude oil equivalent was $102.86 for the most recent quarter, compared with $54.44 for the second quarter last year.

Bakken Shale

In the second quarter of 2008, Continental increased its lease acreage position in the Bakken Shale play to approximately 525,000 net acres, with153,000 net acres in Montana and 372,000 net acres in North Dakota.
Here is each well list and the production rate for each well:

-- Mathistad 1-35H (40% WI) in McKenzie Co. -- 1,260 boepd;
-- Dodge 1-17H (20% WI) McKenzie Co. -- 989 boepd;
-- Whitman 11-34H (32% WI) in Dunn Co. -- 765 boepd;
-- Bice 1-29H (44% WI) in Dunn Co. -- 693 boepd;
-- Cleo 1-12H (26% WI) McKenzie Co. -- 654 boepd;
-- Carson Peak 44-2H (33% WI) in Dunn Co. -- 601 boepd;
-- Kermit 1-32H (45% WI) McKenzie Co. -- 596 boepd;
-- Bridger 44-14H (45% WI) in Dunn Co. -- 383 boepd;
-- Bonneville 31-23H (45% WI) in Dunn Co. -- 362 boepd;
-- Mountain Gap 31-10H (44% WI) in Dunn Co. -- 331 boepd.

Where is the Three Forks Region?

Eight of the 10 wells listed above were completed in the Middle Bakken formation, which has typically been the drilling target in the North Dakot Bakken play. The Bice 1-29H and Mathistad 1-35H were Continental's first to wells to be targeted for the Three Forks/Sanish (TFS) formation, which is typically found 50-to-100 feet beneath the base of the Upper Bakken. Since the Bice 1-29H completion in late May, Continental has adjusted most of its drilling program to target specifically the TFS and determine its potential toadd incremental reserves to the play.

Woodford Shale:

Continental's lease position in the Arkoma Woodford is approximately46,000 acres

Haynesville Shale

The Company has grown its land positions to approximately 17,000 net acres in the Haynesville Shale play in northern Louisiana and approximately