Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DeSoto Parish, LA: Haynesville Shale

By Andrea:

Mexco Energy Corp. (MXC) announced that they are purchasing 5,120 acres in the Haynesville shale area of DeSoto Parish, LA. Among the operating companies on the land, include Petrohawk Energy Corp. (HK) and Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK). In addition to the 5 horizontal wells already operating on the land, there is an estimate of 59 addition drill sites. Press release below:

Mexco Energy Corporation (MXC) announced the purchase of overriding royalty interests in 5,120 gross acres covering eight sections in the Haynesville trend area of DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, for an approximate purchase price of $1.65 million, prior to closing adjustments. Mexco paid $1.46 million in cash and 26,833 shares of its Common Stock. The Company funded the cash portion of the purchase from working capital and primarily from its $5.0 million credit facility. The stock was issued from Mexco's treasury shares.

This acreage currently contains five (5) horizontal wells producing from the Haynesville Shale formation and operated by Petrohawk Operating Company which will operate six of the eight sections. The two remaining sections will be operated by Chesapeake Energy. The Company owns average overriding royalty interests of approximately .28%.

These 5,120 acres contain an additional 59 potential drill sites in the Haynesville Shale. Other wells drilled in the Haynesville area show the presence of at least two (2) other potential producing zones, the Bossier and Cotton Valley, which are held by production and available for development should conditions warrant. Hundreds of Haynesville, hundreds of Cotton Valley and several dozen Bossier Shale wells are currently producing in the Haynesville trend area. The development of these royalties is free to Mexco of expenses for drilling, development and operations.

The Haynesville area has been estimated to become the largest gas resource in the United States and the fourth largest in the world subject to realization of technical estimates, according to World Oil in its June 2010 edition. World Oil recognizes DeSoto Parish as one of the top six (6) parishes of Louisiana where the most productive Haynesville wells are located.
"This acquisition represents a significant addition of the natural gas reserves for Mexco and future development potential," said Nicholas C. Taylor, President and CEO of Mexco

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