Monday, August 9, 2010

Mineral Rights: Marcellus Shale Update- Columbiana County, OH

By Andrea:

Between May 1 and July 31, 208 Mineral Rights leases have been obtained in Columbiana, County Ohio. This could mean the Marcellus Shale trend has extended into Ohio. Columbiana County is 1 of 10 counties in Ohio where Marcellus Shale is found. County Recorder, Craig Brown finds the surge a sudden dramatic change for the local land title companies:

"What we're seeing is not one guy coming in with one or two people, but we're seeing a dozen or 20 people coming in. It's kind of like a siege mentality that these people have right now ... Last week we had 28 people downstairs, and we only have four computers, so everybody's jockeying for position," he said.

Brown belives that the influx in interest in Ohio Marcellus Shale is trickling over from New York where a drilling Moratorium was recently imposed, forcing drillers to move elsewhere.

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