Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mountrail County, North Dakota: Bakken Shale Update

By Andrea:

MDU Resources Group (MDU) released an update on the Bakken Shale announcing 3 new wells in the middle Bakken. All three of them are in Mountrail County, North Dakota:

These wells were drilled on 640 acre spacing they're surrounded by other wells drilled on the same spacing. The three new wells are all completed in the middle Bakken; they've had average 30 day production rates of 744 barrels of oil equivalents per day. Two of the wells were completed with a 12 stage frac and one was completed with 18 stages.

Now for comparative purposes, the three closest middle Bakken offset have an average daily rate of about 409 barrels of equivalent per day these were all completed with nine-stage fracs. So when you compare the two groups of wells, we're seeing improvement in the 30-day range of about 335 barrels equivalent per day. That's an 82% improvement so we're pleased with those results.

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