Friday, June 6, 2008

6/06/08 CNBC Fast Money Recap June 6th 2008

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Fast Money Stocks 6/06/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Oil: It's a bubble....but people go out of business with Oil at $150
Oil $150 by July 4th? Yes, there and higher

Guy Adami: Opinions

Stay with what has been working, Natural Gas stocks, Coal stocks, Rail Stocks
Buy airlines on a dip
Intel INTC: INTC around $23 is interesting
CELG: I like Celgene here

Pete Najarian: Opinions
Stay away from financials, you don't need to be the first one in.
Stick with what has been working.....Technology is not broken
Buy rail stocks, they have pricing power
CSCO: Likes the dip as well as AAPL
AMLN, ISIS: Keep an eye on these biotechs
Oil $150 by July 4th? Yes
AAPL: I love what they are doing...expecting alot from Apple with the new Iphone
T: Like the pullback today!
Energy Conversion Devices ENER: Getting long this stock

Karen Finerman: Opinions
PPH: Bought some of this today...its defensive
Big Lots BIG: Lots of insider selling.....we are short

Joe Terranova: Guest
Oil: It's a different game now....oil going up so much so fastI see more crazy volatile trading in Oil and thats bad for the equity markets

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