Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Apple AAPL Steve Jobs Weight

Pre Market Update - Wednesday June 11th Steve Jobs AAPL, LEH

This morning stock futures are pointed up nicely.
Potash ( POT ) looks like it will open pre market at around $225...or up 2%. The Ag sector has been very hot lately and all signs point to a continuation.

Notable movers in pre market are AGU and PPCO

Steve Jobs Weight Problems:
Apple Inc is coming out and saying Steve Jobs had a bug and that is why he lost weight but he is fine. If you notice his appearance at the Apple Conference where they released the iphone 2, he looks very gaunt and thin. So at this point, we have to take the company at their word.
Obviously he is VERY important to the company

Lehman Brothers LEH.....might be getting financing from some companies in Korea.