Monday, June 16, 2008

Fast Money Recap 6.16.08 ENER CHK

Top 2008 Stocks -
Oil and Gas Finds:

Fast Money Stocks 6/16/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Oil: Get short on a gap lower with heavy volume

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Financials: Finally started to act better....Technology was Strong
CHK: CEO Bought 200,000 more shares on Friday
RMBS: November $20 calls very active.....keep an eye on RMBS
ENER: Buy on the dips...they are pricing a secondary next on the dip, 20% short interest

Guy Adami: Opinions

Lehman LEH: The easy trade is over....wouldn't short it but wouldn't pile in either
RIMM: A little ahead of itself
AAPL: Think you can $200 by July 4th.
US Steel X: I wouldn't be running into steel here but I like X at $160 area
DUG: I'd give this stock a shot
WFR: I think it can go to $70 soon

Joe Terranova: Opinions what I saw in Oil fell apart. Natural Gas remains strong....this is the way to play energy right now.
AAPL: Buy Apple, stop out at $165

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