Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fast Money Recap stock picks 6-17-08 CNBC Visa V MON AMZN

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Fast Money Stock Picks to Watch 6/17/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions

Financials: Going lower...the rally is over...MS reports tomorrow, that will be hideous
USO: Stick with what is working....USO is working

Pete Najarian: Opinions

Regions Financial RF: Put activity was strong today...looking for more downside
Morgan Stanley MS: Very active put options
Visa V MasterCard MA: You want to play financials, buy these....I like Visa
CAT: This stock is to cheap
FSLR: Buying the dip....FSLR doesn't sell in the USA so it shouldn't have gone down on the vote
Elan Corp ELN: Keep an eye on this stock....as well as MYGN

Guy Adami: Opinions

Goldman Sachs GS: Goldman had a monster run but we told you to take profits
Morgan Stanley MS: I might be out of my mind, but I think its a buy
Monsanto MON: The upside isn't done yet

Joe Terranova: Opinions

Housing starts: Was bad today
Oil: If Oil doesn't go down after June 22nd meeting, how can it
Natural Gas: The trade continues to be buy natural gas
Nymex NMX: I want to own NMX and NYX....they are the new casino stocks....volumes are good
Amazon.com AMZN: I like AMZN....
Goldman Sachs thinks it can go to $98
Monsanto MON: Broke through $140...here comes $150
Dryships DRYS: I call it a recovery rebound...don't read to much into it

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