Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CNBC Fast Money Recap June 10th 6/10 AAPL WB

CNBC Fast Money Recap 6/10/08
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Fast Money Stocks 6/10/08

Jeff Mackie: Opinions
Lehman LEH: Broke support on the second day of offering it
Apple AAPL: Got alot of upgrades today
Goldman Sachs GS: Still waiting for GS in the $150's to buy

Tim Seymour: Opinions

Asian Markets: If these markets start to roll over look out....we need them
Monsanto MON: This company is in good shape! Still love the Ag sector

Guy Adami: Opinions
Dollar USD: Has reversed and I think it will continue to go up!
MRK: MRK trade now off...have to wait for another big volume day
Apple AAPL: Thinks you could see $200 by late June, Early July....thinks there is still upside in this stock ( said 10%)
Wachovia WB: Keep a stop at $18 but I think you can buy it here
XTO Energy XTO: It's been a monster stock....wait for a pullback...still like the stock
Alcoa AA: I love AA still!
Monsanto MON: It's been a monster stock, I think it continues to be a monster stock

Karen Finerman: Opinions
Coal: Coal valuations are very high and they are starting to roll over

Joe Terranvoa: Guest
I'm out of the refiners.....I'm expecting gasoline to be under pressure after the inventory number tomorrow. My concerned on what comes out of Russia regarding Oil supply. Longer term Oil will move higher and the window of opportunity for a pullback is closing day by day. If we don't get out of this week with a pullback in Oil....most likely it will move higher

Tony Crescenzi: Guest
Tony thinks a 500 point rally in the Dow is coming